I don’t know if you found this blog on purpose or by accident, but welcome, and thank you now you’re here.

I set up this blog, not as a self-indulgent exercise, but to support any genuine enquiries that come as a result of reading a book I published in 2012 entitled “The Old, Old Story….Simply Told”, which is my attempt to bring the word of God to those who either don’t attend church on a regular basis, or gave up on the church some time ago, but are now becoming curious as to what it’s all about. The book is also for any who are sceptical  about a God who cannot be seen, and who may (for them) not exist. This is my attempt to tell the story of Jesus in simple, jargon-free language that can be understood and, as such, may appeal to them such that they want to find out more for themselves.

I have been inspired to write the book as the start of my mission to those outside the church and it has been possible through an opportunity brought about when I could not get work, two years prior to my retirement plans. The research and writing, at first, was a part of my ‘coming to terms’ with this enforced situation when I wasn’t ready for it – a sort of ‘therapy’. But later I became completely absorbed as I discovered how difficult it was to speak about God without using words or phrases that have become a sort of ‘code’ or jargon that those with a faith use every day without thinking, but to others, unfamiliar with this language, it has become a sort of barrier. It has been a quite cathartic experience and I trust it has been effective.

So if you are here as a result of reading the book and are looking for the next step then I hope this will help.

Please feel free to post a note, ask a question in your search for answers. I can’t promise that I will be able to answer all your questions, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction of someone else who can.

Now that a further three years have gone by, I have written a second book, but aimed at a different audience; this time it’s to believers and ‘searchers’ and it is a fictional account of the life of Jesus at the start of his ministry, as he is in the wilderness for forty days. So little is written about this period in his life, and I wanted to get inside Jesus’ mind to discover the sort of issues he might have had, getting to grips with the task before him, and how he dealt with his dual nature; divine and human.

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